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My name is Robert Kołodyński. First of all, I love good design, natural wood and trees. Dobredrewno is a young, growing brand established in 2015. The inspiring and creative atmosphere preveiling in Wroclaw, where the studio is located, helps me create good furniture straight to your home ; ) The furniture is made of solid wood combined with copper. There is a great contrast between these two materials which gives a modern and unique character. Copper is available in five colors obtained through patination process. You can decide which color you prefer. Pure copper, burt copper, black, turquoise or green patina. Take a look at the website and choose the best thing for you.

Each piece of wood is different which makes each product one of a kind. The unique graining of each poduct tells the individual story. I aim to use the wood from trees not logged for commercial purposes.  I give the wood new life by chaning it into well-designed and beautiful things straight to your home.

Copyright 2023 – dobredrewno

 Copyright 2023 – dobredrewno

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